ポタリング / potaringu

A term evolved from the English: ‘pottering about’. In Japan, the phrase refers exclusively to aimless, joyful cycling jaunts.

In researching our bikepacking trip around the island of Kyushu in Japan (read about the trip here) Matt came across the term potaringu and thought it perfectly described the attitude to the ride (and his life in general, as he is constantly pottering… much to Gabe’s amusement).

While the ride around Kyushu and Honshu in Japan was clearly not “aimless and unplanned” - in fact rather ironically, quite the opposite - it did align with the general philosophy of potaringu. Nothing was fast and there was all the time in the world for stopping to admire sakura, waterfalls, or a randomly encountered festival, or just generally slowing to watch an unfamiliar world pass on by.

During many adventures past and present, we have had plenty of time to ponder - the little details that worked (and didn’t) and the effort that went into the planning to get this far. Matt often felt we should document the process in some way - mostly as a personal point of reference for future trips so as to benchmark and refine, but also publicly for anyone else who might be interested in a similar trip. With our current adventure to South America, this blog also serves the important role of helping keep loved ones updated.

Who are we?

We are Matt and Gabe, cyclists from Sydney who decided there was no better honeymoon than bikepacking through South America. Matt is lucky enough to have a job as an iOS Engineer (and a very lovely employers in WillyWeather) that lets him work remotely. (Gabe’s work as a Clinical Psychologist is less portable so she’s on cooking duty).

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